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120918 RyeoWook Twitter Update

@ryeong9 : 생애 첫 원디제이~* 2시간 진행하다 보니.. 많이 부족하구나 생각도 들면서 옆에 있던 성민이형한테 고마웠던 시간이었어요 ~^^ 나중에 원디제이를 꿈꾸며..^^ 오늘 키스 함께 해준 분들 사랑해요♥서폿음식 고마워효

@ryeong9 : first time ever being one DJ~* Host for 2 hours.. There’s more I have to learn though Thank you to SungMin hyung who had been partner with me~^^ Dream about one DJ next time..^^ I love you those who were at Kiss with me ♥ Thanks for the food

@ryeong9 : 人生中第一次one DJ ~* 主持了2个小时.. 还有很多不足啊想了想真的是感谢在旁边的晟敏哥的时间~^^以后梦想着one DJ..^^ 今天一起Kiss的各位我爱你们 ♥ 应援食物谢谢啦 [翻译:嘟嘟] 

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